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Title: Blockchain technology as a panacea for procurement corruption in digital era
Authors: Oyebanjo, Ogunlela G. 
Olabode, H. Ojugbele 
Tengeh, Robertson K. 
Keywords: Public Procurement;Corruption;Digitization;Blockchain;South Africa
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: SSBFNET- Center for Strategic Studies in Business and Finance
Source: Oyebanjo, O.G., Olabode, H.O. & Tengeh, R.K. 2021. Blockchain technology as a panacea for procurement corruption in digital era. International Journal of Research in Business & Social Science, 10(4): 311-320. []
Journal: International Journal of Research in Business & Social Science 
Abstract: Corruption in public institutions is a significant problem that stifles economic, social and environmental development worldwide. This predominates when there is a lack of transparency, inadequate record-keeping, and low public accountability. Accordingly, the questions this paper intends to provide answers to are two-fold. Firstly, what are the recurring patterns of procurement corruption in the South Africa (SA) public sector? Secondly, how can digital technology deployment assist in checking this trend? Desktop method was adopted through literature examination of studies relating to corruption, procurement, blockchain and digitization. We conclude by proposing a model/framework for adopting and using blockchain technology in public institutions to minimise corruption and the time taken for contract document preparation and acceptance. This study contributed to knowledge by evaluating the issues associated with public procurement and how blockchain and digitization can be adopted to help stern the tide of corruption in public institutions.
Description: Article
ISSN: 2147-4478
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