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Title: Rationalism, technological innovations and the supreme mandate in the process of globalisation
Authors: Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
Keywords: Genesis;globalisation;movement;rationalism;technological innovation;supreme mandate
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Academic Journals
Source: Ukpere, W.I. 2010. Rationalism, technological innovations and the supreme mandate in the process of globalisation. African Journal of Business Management, 4(4): 467-474. []
Journal: African Journal of Business Management 
Abstract: Certain factors were always cited as major forces in the process of globalisation without considering the Supreme Mandate of God to humans to globalise from the beginning of time. A consequence of this recent but aged discovery is that the history of globalisation is as old as human existence. For analytical convenience, two notable drivers namely, rationalism and technological innovation, were weighed with the Supreme Mandate, in order to locate their balance of gravity in the genesis of globalisation. Although rationalism has played a major role in the genesis of globalisation, it is not enough to conclude that it is the most determining factor. Moreover, technological innovations have spread awareness regarding globality, and have produced much of the imperatives that have accelerated globalisation. However, an explanation of globalisation that considers only technological determinism and rationalism has become redundant. This paper contends that the ‘Supreme Mandate’ is the most critical factor in the genesis of globalisation. In fact, without the supreme mandate, there would be no need for rationalism, and without rationalism, technological innovation would have become impossible. Hence, it is proposed here, that the Supreme Mandate (SP) can be taken as the most significant factor in the genesis of globalisation. The paper is an exploratory and meta analytical study, which relied on secondary data. It is a qualitative study that is based on conceptual analysis, theory building and “emic” perspective (author’s viewpoint).
ISSN: 1993-8233
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