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Title: Precision agriculture under arid environments: prospects for African smallholder farmers
Authors: Mupambwa, H.A. 
Nciizah, A.D. 
Dube, E 
Fanadzo, Morris 
Keywords: Genetically modified crops;Hydroponics;Controlled environment;Herbicides;Parasitic weeds;Hand weeding;Soil fertility management
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer
Source: Mupambwa, H.A., Nciizah, A.D., Dube, E. et al. 2022. Precision agriculture under arid environments: prospects for African smallholder farmers. (In: Mupambwa, H. A. et al. (eds) Food Security for African Smallholder Farmers. Sustainability Sciences in Asia and Africa. Springer, Singapore. 113-127). []
Abstract: Precision farming is usually associated with high-tech equipment, requiring huge capital and infrastructure investments. In developed countries, precision farming has been linked to high-end computer technologies and remote data collection. In smallholder farming systems where such technologies do not exist, the discussion of precision agriculture has been limited. Our chapter presents precision farming in smallholder farming systems as an ideal approach for helping farmers to manage spatio-temporal crop and soil variability in order to increase site-specific productivity and sustainability. We present options that are critical in driving precision farming within the smallholder resource poor farming, context focusing on soil fertility management, water saving technologies, genetically modified crops, herbicides and hand-held fuel powered equipment. There is a need to demystify precision farming among African farmers and promote new knowledge sharing on the benefits of site-specific management options in increasing productivity and resilience under a changing climate. African governments will also need to expedite the changes in policies on genetically modified organisms, based on current research data, whilst also supporting farmers where technology requires capital and infrastructure investments.
Description: Book Chapter
ISBN: 978-981-16-6771-8
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