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Title: Characterization of leucocin B-Ta11a: a bacteriocin fromLeuconostoc carnosum Ta11a isolated from meat.
Authors: Felix, JV
Papathanasopoulos, MA
Smith, AA
von Holy, A
Hastings, JW
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Source: Felix, J.V., Papathanasopoulos, M.A., Smith, A.A., von Holy, A. & Hastings, J.W. 1994. Characterization of leucocin B-Ta11a: A bacteriocin fromLeuconostoc carnosum Ta11a isolated from meat. Current microbiology, 29(4), pp.207-212.
Abstract: Leuconostoc (Lc.) carnosum Ta11a, isolated from vacuum-packaged processed meats, produced a bacteriocin designated leucocin B-Ta11a. The crude bacteriocin was heat stable and sensitive to proteolytic enzymes, but not to catalase, lysozyme, or chloroform. It was active against Listeria monocytogenes and several lactic acid bacteria. Leucocin B-Ta11a was optimally produced at 25 degrees C in MRS broth at an initial pH of 6.0 or 6.5. An 8.9-MDa plasmid in Leuconostoc carnosum Ta11a hybridized to a 36-mer oligonucleotide probe (JF-1) that was homologous to leucocin A-UAL187. A 4.9-kb Sau3A fragment from a partial digest of the 8.9-MDa plasmid was cloned into pUC118. The 8.1-kb recombinant plasmid (pJF8.1) was used for sequencing and revealed the presence of two open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 codes for a protein of 61 amino acids comprising a 37-amino-acid bacteriocin that was determined to be the leucocin B-Ta11a structural gene by virtue of its homology to leucocin A-UAL 187 (Hastings et al. 1991. J. Bacteriol 173:7491-7500). The 24-amino-acid N-terminal extension, however, differs from that of leucocin A-UAL187 by seven residues. The predicted protein of the ORF2 has 113 amino acids and is identical with the amino acid sequence of the cognate ORF of the leucocin A-UAL 187 operon.
ISSN: 0343-8651
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