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11991Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography of tenuazonic acid and related tetramic acids.Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, PG ; Sydenham, Eric W. ; Vleggaar, R ; Marasas, Walter F.O 
21995Reduction of patulin in apple juice samples — influence of initial processingSydenham, Eric W. ; Vismer, HF ; Marasas, Walter F.O ; Brown, N ; Schlechter, Maria ; Van der Westhuizen, L ; Rheeder, JP 
31995Preparation and isolation of the partially Hydrolyzed Moiety of Fumonisin B1Sydenham, Eric W. ; Thiel, PG ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Klaus, R Koch ; Therese, Hutton 
41998Photocatalytic degradation of cyanobacterial microcystin toxins in waterShephard, Gordon Seymour ; Stockenström, Sonja ; De Villiers, D. ; Engelbrecht, W. J ; Sydenham, Eric W. ; Wessels, G. F.S. 
51990Natural occurrence of some fusarium mycotoxins in corn from low and high esophageal cancer prevalence areas of the Transkei, Southern AfricaSydenham, Eric W. ; Thiel, PG ; Marasas, Walter F.O ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Van Schalkwyk, Dirk J ; Koch, Klaus R 
61995Liquid chromatographic determination of the mycotoxin fumonisin B 2 in physiological samplesShephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, PG ; Sydenham, Eric W. 
71996Liquid chromatographic determination of fumonisins B1, B2, and B3 in corn: AOAC-IUPAC Collaborative Study.Sydenham, Eric W. ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, PG ; Stockenström, Sonja ; Snijman, P. W ; Van Schalkwyk, D 
81992Initial studies on the toxicokinetics of fumonisin BI in ratsShephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, PG ; Sydenham, Eric W. 
91992The implications of naturally occurring levels of fumonisins in corn for human and animal healthThiel, PG ; Marasas, Walter F.O ; Sydenham, Eric W. ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Gelderblom, W.C.A. 
101994Fumonisin‐contaminated maise: Physical treatment for the partial decontamination of bulk shipmentsSydenham, Eric W. ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Stockenström, Sonja ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, PG 
111995Fate of a single dose of 14C-labelled fumonisin B1 in vervet monkeysShephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, PG ; Sydenham, Eric W. ; Savard, Marc E 

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