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12008Awareness and knowledge of phytonutrient food sources and health benefits for functional food application among health food store customers in the Cape Town city bowlBraun, Marlè ; Venter, Irma 
22010Awareness and knowledge of pro-,prebiotics and ab cultures among yoghurt buyers in four Pretoria suburbs and the factors determining their yoghurt buying decisionVenter, Irma ; Hanekom, Madelein 
32010Dietary fat knowledge and intake of mid-adolescents attending public schools in the Bellville/Durbanville area of the city of Cape TownVenter, Irma ; Winterbach, A 
42015Food additions that consumers in the professional sector in the City of Cape Town are likely to consume to enhance their phytochemical intakeMager, Shelley ; Venter, Irma 
52010Hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidant capacity of commonly consumed South African fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, fats/oils and beveragesRautenbach, Fanie ; Venter, Irma 
62019Rooibos herbal tea: an optimal cup and its consumersPiek, Hannelise ; Venter, Irma ; Rautenbach, Fanie ; Marnewick, Jeanine L 
72010Soft drink consumption of Grade 4 and Grade 7 learners in the Wynberg area, City of Cape Town, South Africa and the factors influencing the consumptionLouwrens, Hannelise ; Venter, Irma ; Otty, Caralyn 
82008Use of dietary supplements, and awareness and knowledge of the recommended fruit and vegetable intakes and consumption of health food store customers in the Cape Town city bowlBraun, Marlè ; Venter, Irma 

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Venter, Irma
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