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12018Consumer attitudes towards the health benefits of 100% fruit juice in South AfricaDuffett, Rodney 
22017Consumer perceptions toward sugar content of fruit juice products in a developing countryDuffett, Rodney 
32017Consumption patterns and demographic factors influence on fruit juice classifications, health benefits and sugar content perceptions in two Municipal Districts in Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaDuffett, Rodney 
42022Corporate social responsibility in professional sport organisations: a developing country perspectiveMoyo, Talent ; Duffett, Rodney 
52019Effect of YouTube Marketing communication on converting Brand liking into preference among Millennials regarding Brands in general and sustainable offers in particular. Evidence from South Africa and RomaniaDuffett, Rodney ; Petrosanu, Dana-Mihaela ; Negricea, Iliuta Costel ; Edu, Tudor 
62020Environmental factors and stakeholders influence on professional sport organisations engagement in sustainable corporate social responsibility: a South African perspectiveMoyo, Talent ; Duffett, Rodney ; Knott, Brendon 
72021Exploring social media usage as a communication channel among independent food retailer SMEs in South AfricaDos Santos, José ; Duffett, Rodney 
82021The influence of culture on the development of youth entrepreneurs in a selected suburb in Cape TownDavids, Nashwin ; Tengeh, Robertson Khan ; Duffett, Rodney 
92018The influence of shopping characteristics and socio-demographic factors on selected in-store buying practices in different Socio-Economic regionsDuffett, Rodney ; Foster, Crystal 
102018A multi-dimensional approach of green marketing competitive advantage : a perspective of small medium and micro enterprises from Western Cape, South AfricaDuffett, Rodney ; Edu, Tudor ; Haydam, Norbert ; Negricea, Iliuta Costel ; Zaharia, Rodica 

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Duffett, Rodney
Duffett, Rodney Graeme
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