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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A comparison between the Webmaster tool features of the big three search enginesWoerner, Maximilian ; Weideman, Melius 
2014A comparison of the effect of single-word versus hyphenated domain name choices on website visibilityBangani, Ayanda ; Weideman, Melius 
2014The degree of visibility to search engines enjoyed by university digital librariesSkorna, Oliver ; Weideman, Melius 
2014The effect of social media trending on internet trafficKennedy, Thomas ; Weideman, Melius 
2019Enhancing the student role in the feedback process by applying a semantics approachRzyankina, Ekaterina 
2014The evaluation of free website visibility measurement tools – Part 1Genius, Jennifer-Claire ; Weideman, Melius 
2014The evaluation of website visibility using free non-Google measurement toolsSyrotkin, Dmytro ; Weideman, Melius 
2019Influence of feedback on assessment by using semantic learning wavesRzyankina, Ekaterina 
2014An investigation of the use of minimal text to write effective paid advertisements on the search engine results pageNúñez, Eddybrando Vásquez ; Weideman, Melius 
2014Query generation and seek behaviour – how do average users search the netWidmann, Roland ; Weideman, Melius 
2014A ranked summary of the on-page elements affecting the visibility of a webpage to search enginesBlümel, Manuela ; Weideman, Melius 
2014The relationship between search query length and user internet exposureHaag, Maximilian ; Weideman, Melius 
2014The status quo of black hat search engine optimization communitiesHolzmann, Simon ; Weideman, Melius 
2014Using past search engine algorithm updates to predict future trendsFarrell, Jason ; Weideman, Melius 
2014Website interface design: a study on the status quo of South African e-Commerce website interfacesKona, Oyanda T. ; Weideman, Melius