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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Validating a proposed CRM implementation framework for the Mauritian hotel IndustryOogarah-Hanuman, Vanisha ; Naicker, Visvanathan 
2021Validating rainwater quality through modellingOsayemwenre, Gilbert ; Osibote, O. A. 
2018Validation and determination of nine PFCS in surface water and sediment samples using UPLC-QTOF-MSFagbayigbo, Bamidele Oladapo ; Opeolu, Beatrice O ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Olatunji, Olatunde Stephen 
2013Validation of an externally oil-cooled 1 kWel HT-PEMFC stack operating at various experimental conditionsBujlo, P ; Pasupathi, S ; Ulleberg, O ; Scholta, J ; Nomnqa, MV ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Pollet, BG 
2015Validation of the integration of HIV and AIDS related nursing competencies into the undergraduate nursing curriculum in South AfricaModeste, Regis Rugira Marie ; Adejumo, Oluyinka 
2016Validation of TRNSYS modelling for a fixed slope photovoltaic panelKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2015Validation of two prediction models of undiagnosed chronic kidney disease in mixed-ancestry South AfricansMogueo, Amelie ; Echouffo-Tcheugui, Justin Basile ; Matsha, Tandi Edith ; Erasmus, Rajiv Timothy ; Kengne, Andre Pascal 
2021The value (or otherwise) of social media to the medical professional: some personal reflectionsNoakes, Timothy David 
2016Value of antioxidant capacity as relevant assessment tool for “health benefits” of fruit - understated or inflated?Joubert, Elizabeth ; Gelderblom, W.C.A. 
2015The value of flow cytometry in the measurement of platelet activation and aggregation in human immunodeficiency virus infectionNkambule, Bongani B ; Davison, Glenda Mary ; Ipp, Hayley 
2016The value of knowledge acquired via online social capital: LinkedIn, a South African perspectiveMaharaj, Niresh; Naicker, Visvanathan
2021Value stream mapping as a supporting management tool to identify the flow of industrial waste: a case studySchoeman, Yolandi ; Oberholster, Paul ; Somerset, Vernon 
2015Vapor-phase migration of DiBP and DBP through barrier-coated paperboard: Correlation between a permeation test method and simulated migrationSkillington, Pauline ; Cronje, Christel ; Wewers, Francois ; Hartmann, Patrice C 
2017Variability of domestic burning habits in the South African Highveld: A case study in the KwaDela Township (April 2017)Nkosi, C Ncobile ; Piketh, J Stuart ; Burger, Roelof. P ; Harrold, Annergan J 
2022Variable-speed wind turbines for grid frequency support: a systematic literature reviewBhowon, Aksher ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2013Variation in chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oil of fresh and dry leaves and dry stem of Tarchonanthus camphoratusNanyonga, SK ; Opoku, A ; Lewu, Francis B ; Oyedeji, Adebola O. 
2009Variation orders on construction projects: value-adding or waste?Ndihokubwayo, Ruben 
2019Vegetation, floristic composition and structure of a tropical montane forest in CameroonSainge, Moses Nsanyi ; Lyonga, Ngoh M. ; Mbatchou, Gildas P. T. ; Kenfack, David ; Nchu, Felix ; Peterson, Andrew Townsend 
2009Venue selection and the 2010 World Cup: a case study of Cape Town.Swart, Kamilla ; Bob, Urmilla 
2010Verocytotoxic diarrhogenic bacteria and food and water contamination in developing countries: a challenge to the scientific and health communityDoughari, James Hamuel ; Ndakidemi, Patrick Alois ; Human, Izanne Susan ; Benade, AJ Spinnler