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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Uitsluitlike borsvoedingDepartment of Health, South Africa; UNICEF
2007Ukuncancisa ubisi Lwebele QhaDepartment of Health, South Africa; UNICEF
2014Ultrasound Doppler measurements inside a diaphragm valve using novel transducer technologiesReinhardt Kotzé; Johan Wiklund
2016UMTS and LTE interfaces utilization improvement with QoS in mobile communication systemsBalyan, Vipin ; Groenewald, Ben BJ 
2015(Un)Engaged learning: Non-traditional design students' learning styles, perceptions of ease of use, usefulness, and actual use of a LMS in a developing world contextCilliers, Ryna ; Barnes, Veronica ; Du Preez, Vikki 
2006Unbundling e-government service delivery in developing countries: framework, marketing strategies and lessonsOwei, V ; Maumbe, B ; Van Rhyn, P 
2016Uncorrected refraction errors, presbyopia and spectacle coverage in Kamuli District, UgandaNsubunga, Naomi ; Ramson, Prasidh ; Govender, Pirindha ; Chan, VingFai ; Wepo, Mary ; Naidoo, Kovin S. 
2008Uncovering the origins of variation ordersNdihokubwayo, Ruben ; Haupt, Theodore C. 
2015The underbelly of trade unionism in Africa: a comparative analysis of two national trade union federationsKappo-Abidem, Christiana ; Allen-Ile, Charles ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
2005Underground geological storageAnderson, J ; Bachu, S ; Nimir, HB ; Basu, B ; Bradshaw, J ; Deguchi, G ; Gale, J ; von Goerne, G ; Heidug, W ; Holloway, S ; Kamal, R ; Keith, D ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Rocha, P ; Senior, B ; Thomson, J ; Torp, T ; Wildenborg, T ; Wilson, M ; Zarlenga, F ; Zhou, D 
2010Underground Voices: Community Articulation of needs through mobile technology in public participationBagui, Laban ; Bytheway, Andy 
2019Understanding big data analytics and the Interpretive approach for analysis purposesNakashololo, T. ; Iyamu, Tiko 
2012Understanding choices of generic and branded keywords during query generationSabwa, Jean-Marie 
2013Understanding first-year experience in the SA higher education context: A conceptual frameworkPather, Subethra 
2013Understanding first-year experience in the South African higher education context: A conceptual frameworkPather, Subethra 
2016Understanding gaps between student and staff perceptions of university study in South Africa: A case studyJaffer, Faeeqa ; Garraway, James 
2010Understanding knowledge creation in construction: activity theory as an alternative approachMartin, Ludwig ; Hartmann, Andreas 
2017Understanding knowledge sharing in an organization: a perspective of actor-network theoryTwum-Darko, Michael ; Harke, Lee-Anne Lesley 
2011Understanding racial differentiation in research output at the universities of South Africa’s public higher education institutionsHolmes-Watts, T