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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018T-cell activation and dysfunction in hyperglycaemiaNyambuya, MT ; Davison, Glenda Mary ; Hon, Gloudina Mary ; Kengne, Andre Pascal ; Erasmus, Rajiv T ; Matsha, Tandi Edith 
2019Taalkommunikasiedosente se persepsies en verwagtinge van e-leerondersteuning om dienslewering te verbeterCox, Sanet ; Steenkamp, Andre ; De la Harpe, Retha 
2018Taking action: EACH person has the ability to take action in a variety of ways about cancerMartin, C. and Hudson, L. (Supervisors) 
2011Taking it further: The practical implications of action research in the field of designDu Preez, Vikki 
2016Taking strain: theorising drug use in the cape flatsRamson, Shakti M ; Chetty, Rajendra 
2016Talk of the Devil: unpacking the language of new testament satanologyFarrar, Thomas J ; Williams, Guy J 
2010‘Talking technical’: Learning how to communicate as a health care professionalWyrley-Birch, Bridget 
2018Tannins and anthocyanins: from their origin to wine analysis - a reviewNel, Anton Pieter 
2013Tap testing of composites benchmarked with digital shearographyGryzagoridis, Jasson ; Findeis, DM 
2011Target characterisation by PIXE, alpha spectrometry and X-ray absorption nuclear instruments and methods in physics research section A – accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipmentKheswa, NY ; Papka, P ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Newman, RT 
2007Tattooing and risk of transmitting HIV in Quthing prison, LesothoAkeke, V.A. ; Mokgatle, M. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2010Taxonomic notes on the Clathraceae (Phallales: Phallomycetidae) sensu Bottomley and a new key to the species in southern AfricaCoetzee, J. C 
2006The taxonomic status of the monotypic frog genus Anhydrophryne Hewitt from South Africa: a molecular perspective.Dawood, A ; Stam, EM 
2006The taxonomic status of the monotypic frog genus Anhydrophryne Hewitt from South Africa: a molecular perspective.Dawood, A; Stam, EM
2009Tea and Its ConstituentsLambert, J.D ; Yang, Chung.S ; Gelderblom, W.C.A. ; Gamieldien, Kareemah ; Joubert, Elizabeth 
2000Teacher change in the Western Cape, South Africa: taking a big step in science educationJohnson, Sally ; Hodges, Merle ; Botha, Tommy ; Wilson, Brian ; Monk, Martin ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Watson, Rod ; Scholtz, Zena 
2020Teacher educators’ appropriation of TPACK-SAMR models for 21st Century pre-Service teacher preparationTunjera, Nyarai ; Chigona, Agnes 
2018Teacher Educators’ Contending Perspectives on Designing a Curriculum Underpinned by Knowledge Integration of Science Education Disciplines in South African UniversitiesBooi, Kwanele 
2015Teacher educators’ professional journeys: pedagogical and systemic issues affecting role perceptionsBraund, Martin