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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The race for supremacy in the politics of white sport in South AfricaAllen, Dean 
2011The race for supremacy: The politics of 'white' sport in South Africa, 1870-1910Allen, Dean 
2022Race to achieving sustainable environment in China: can financial globalization and renewable energy consumption help meet this stride?Adebayo, Tomiwa Sunday ; Awosusi, Abraham Ayobamiji ; Uhunamure, Solomon Eghosa ; Shale, Karabo 
2012Racial Storylines and Implications for LearningNasira, Na’ilah S; Snyderb, Cyndy R; Shaha, Niral; Rossa, Kihana M
2011Radiation effect on chemically reacting magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) boundary layer flow of heat and mass transfer through a porous vertical flat plateIbrahim, SY ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
2005Radiation protection in medical imagingEngel-Hills, Penelope 
2016A radiation test on a front-end DC-DC power converterBayimissa, KDM ; Raji, Atanda K. ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2009Radiation therapist research in Africa: overcoming the barriers to reap the rewardsEngel-Hills, Penelope 
2011Radiative heat transfer to blood flow through a stenotic artery in the presence of magnetic fieldPrakash, J ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2020Radio direction-finding techniques for an unmanned aerial vehicleCook, Henricus Augustus ; Kahn, Mohamed T E ; Balyan, Vipin 
2017Radio reservation for handoff calls and resource management for efficient utilization in mobile telecommunications systemBalyan, Vipin 
2014Radiographers’ knowledge, attitude and challenges on pain managementKyei, KA ; Antwi, W. K ; Opoku, S. Y ; Hemans, S ; Anim-Sampong, S ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
2022Radiography lecturers' understanding of a socially responsive curriculumHudson, Lizel ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Davidson, Florence ; Naidoo, K. 
2022Radiology imaging equipment and accessories as possible fomites of nosocomial pathogensAdomako, Isaac Agyekum ; Venter, Dalene ; Donkor, Eric Sampane ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
2016The rainbow-snake and the birds' plumage: an exploration of the theme of the continuous and the discrete in claude lévi-strauss's mythologiquesLiebenberg, Deon 
2016Rainfall prediction for sustainable economic growthChifurira, Retius ; Chikobvu, Delson ; Dubihlela, Dorah 
2007Randomised controlled trial of isoniazid preventive therapy in South African adults with advanced HIV diseaseMohammed Ashraf ; Myer, L ; Ehrlich, R.I. ; Wood, R ; Cilliers, F ; Maartens, G 
2008Randomised Items in computer-based tests: Russian roulette in assessment?Marks, Anthony M. ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
2006Randomized controlled trial of isoniazid preventive therapy, administered by patient- nominated supervisors, in South African adults with advanced HIV diseaseMohammed, Ashraf 
2014A ranked summary of the on-page elements affecting the visibility of a webpage to search enginesBlümel, Manuela ; Weideman, Melius