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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006p38-MAPK and PKB/Akt, possible role players in red palm oil-induced protection of the isolated perfused rat heart?Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart ; Esterhuyse, Johan S ; Du Toit, Eugene F. ; Lochner, Amanda ; Van Rooyen, Jacques 
2017Paclobutrazol retards vegetative growth in hydroponically-cultured Leonotis leonurus (L.) R.Br. Lamiaceae for a multipurpose flowering potted plantTeto, AA ; Laubscher, Charles P ; Ndakidemi, Patrick Alois ; Matimati, I 
2010Paid search engine versus organic results: young consumer preferencesSabwa, Jean-Marie ; Weideman, Melius 
2011Pain assessment: The role of the radiation therapistKyei, KA ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
2013A pain survey to support role development for Radiation Therapists in GhanaKyei, KA ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
2007Panel discussion: Incorporation of HIV/Aids in curricula at tertiary institutions Imagined Futures II: Universities as Incubators of ChangeMohammed Ashraf 
2018Papanicolaou induced fluorescence, Ziehl-Neelsen and Auramine O stains on lymph node fine needle aspiration biopsy specimens from children: A comparative studySelepe, Malesiba Mampotoko ; Van Wyk, Abrie ; Hoek, Kim Gilberte Pauline ; Prince, Yvonne 
2016Paradigms revisited: a quantitative investigation into a model to integrate objectivism and constructivism in instructional designElander, Kelly ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
Jul-2013The Paradox of the Regional Centres Unit: A case of eThekwini MunicipalityNgcamu, Bethuel Sibongiseni 
2013Paradoxes of social inclusion reflected in a digital story-telling projectCondy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Ivala, Eunice 
2018The Paralegal and the Right of Access to Justice in South AfricaLeach, N 
2017Parallel search engine optimisation and pay-per-click campaigns: A comparison of cost per acquisitionKritzinger, Wouter Thomas ; Weideman, Melius 
2021Paramedic students’ confidence and satisfaction with clinical simulations of an emergency medical care programme in South Africa: A cross-sectional studySandy, Peter T. ; Meyer, John T. ; Oduniy, Oluwaseun S. ; Mavhandu-Mudzusi, Azwihangwisi Helen 
2016Parametric analysis of a high temperature pem fuel cell based microcogeneration systemNomnqa, Myalelo ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
2013Parental involvement in rural multigrade schools: A school, community and family partnership programmeVenter, N 
2017Pareto analysisSwartz, Bronwyn
2010Parliament’s information systems (is) user satisfaction factors to enhance its democratic functionsThompson, Kevin ; Uys, Corrie 
2014Participation for DevelopmentDittrich, Yvonne ; De la Harpe, Retha ; Korpela, Mikko ; Macueve, Gertrudes ; Bekele, Rahel ; Kaasbøll, Jens 
2013Participatory multi-criteria evaluation and GIS: An application in flood risk analysisMusungu, Kevin ; Motala, S 
2022Participatory parity through teaching with TelegramSwartz, Bronwyn Claudia ; Valentine, Lucrecia Zinobia ; Jaftha, Desiree Virginia