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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009’n Holistiese behuisingsevalueringsmodel: ’n instrument vir ontwikkelingpraktisyns in laekoste-behuisingErasmus, CJ ; Albertyn, RM ; Schutte De, W 
2022Name-Calling as a communicative tool in South African political discourseNendauni, Lutendo ; Sadiki, Masindi ; Baloyi, Mafemani 
2017Naming my reality: a youth narrative on drug abuse and gangsterism in the Cape FlatsChetty, Rajendra 
2022Nanocomposites using clove (Syzygium aromaticum) chemical constituentsBegum, Nusrat M. ; Elbagory, Abdulrahman M. ; Rahman, Atee ; Hussein, Ahmed A. ; Cheikhyoussef, Natascha ; Cheikhyoussef, Ahmad 
2022Nanoparticles application in the determination of Uric acid, Ascorbic acid, and DopamineVan der Horst, Charlton ; Somerset, Vernon 
2013Nanophotocatalyst TiO2 for textile effluent treatmentNyangiwe, NN ; Baatjie, B ; Greyling, Corinne. J ; Lind, J ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2013Nanosecond laser irradiation synthesis of CdS nanoparticles in a PVA systemOnwudiwe, Damian C ; Krüger, Tjaart PJ ; Oluwafemi, Oluwatobi S ; Strydom, Christien A 
2018Nanostructured TiO2 Carbon Paste Based Sensor for Determination of MethyldopaGarcia, Luane Ferreira ; Peixoto da Cunha, Carlos Eduardo ; Moreno, Emily Kussmaul Gonçalves ; Thomaz, Douglas Vieira ; Lobón, Germán Sanz ; Luque, Rafael ; Somerset, Vernon ; De Souza Gil, Eric 
2022Nanotechnology-based strategies for treatment of obesity, cancer and anti-microbial resistance: highlights of the Department of Science and Innovation/Mintek nanotechnology innovation centre biolabels research node at the University of the Western CapeSibuyi, Nicole Remaliah Samantha ; Moabelo, Koena Leah ; Meyer, Samantha ; Skepu, Amanda ; Onani, Martin Opiyo ; Madiehe, Abram Madimabe ; Meyer, Mervin 
2016A narration of a Physical Science teacher's experience of implementing a new curriculumKoopman, Oscar ; Le Grange, Lesley ; De Mink, Karen Joy 
2017A narrative of a meaningful relationship between technology and pedagogy using open educational practiceBelford, Cheryl 
2018Narratives of disruption: exploring the identities of Design teachersHugo, Cheri ; Morris, Amanda 
2018Narratives of Social Cohesion”: bridging the link between school culture, linguistic identity and the English languageDe Kock, Tarryn ; Sayed, Yusuf ; Badroodien, Azeem 
2015The nation branding opportunities provided by a sport mega-event: South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World CupKnott, Brendon ; Fyall, Alan ; Jones, Ian 
2012Nation-branding and mega-events: South Africa and the 2010 FIFA world cupKnott, Brendon ; Fyall, Alan ; Jones, Ian 
2013The Nation-Branding Legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup for South AfricaKnott, Brendon ; Fyall, Alan ; Jones, Ian 
2013The national benchmark test: Lesson from office management and technology (OMT) exclusion listTshinu, Mukenge Simon 
2011The National Benchmark Tests: Lecturers’ perceptions and responsesScholtz, D 
2011The National Benchmark Tests: Lecturers’ perceptions and responsesScholtz, D