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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Machine-to-machine and cell-to-cell traffic handling using relay and carrier aggregation prioritize on LTE-A PRO networkPana, Vuyo ; Balyan, Vipin ; Groenewald, Ben 
2018Macro-benthic invertebrate assemblages in the Betty’s Bay Marine Protected Area (Kogelberg region South Africa)Joshua, T.J ; Toefy, R ; Sparks, C ; Kikkoman, S.P ; Samaai, T 
1950The Magazine of the Cape Technical College
2007The magic of threeVan der Merwe, Johann 
2008Magiese realisme en die religieuse in BidsprinkaanAnker, Johan 
2008The Mahout on the elephant: how the knowledge management practices of the Wellington Campus Library enriches CPUT LibrariesKleinveldt, Lynn ; Moll, ME 
2008Mainsteaming academic literacy teaching: implications for how academic development understands its work in higher educationJacobs, C.
2013Maintaining biodiversity in the critically endangered lowland renosterveld vegetation of the Western Cape : the challenges of fire, herbivory and fragmentationRadloff, Frans Gustav Theodor ; Mucina, L ; Snyman, D 
2013Maintaining educational standards in the face of innovation via national accreditation authorityLloyd, Philip JD 
2019Maintenance of Industry Skills and Knowledge by Vocational Lecturers at South African Technical and Vocational Education and Training CollegesOosthuizen, Loius ; Van der Bijl, Andre 
2013Maintenance prioritisation system: The case of university lecture theatresSimpeh, Fredrick ; Khan, Z ; Hartmann, Andreas 
2019Maize (Zea mays L.) fresh husk mediated biosynthesis of copper oxides: Potentials for pseudo capacitive energy storageNwanya, Assumpta Chinwe ; Ndipingwi, Miranda M. ; Mayedwa, Noluthando ; Razanamahandry, L.C. ; Ikpo, Chinwe O. ; Waryo, Tesfaye T. ; Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed ; Malenga, E. ; Fosso-Kankeu, E. ; Ezema, Fabian I. ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel I. ; Maaza, Malik 
2016Major challenges to sustainable enterprise development within the tourism industry in Libreville, GabonMoussavou, Elsa-Olivia ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Cupido, Chris 
2002Making a complete restoration for a fractured mandibleVenter, Pieter
2014Making Sense of Mathematical Discourse: Implications for Success in the Learning of Differentiation in a University ClassroomSiyepu, Sibawu Witness ; Ralarala, Monwabisi K 
2012Making sense of the IT/IS industry to enable better business enablement and competitiveness: a case-study of the Western Cape in South AfricaSewchurran, Kosheek ; de la Harpe, Andre ; McKinnell, Jenny ; Mwalemba, Gwamaka 
2006Making the move from regurgitation to research: BTech project 4 @ e-IAWeideman, Melius 
2018Making your mark: everyone can make a change. Leave your fingerprint to show support, give support and be supported.Martin, C. and Hudson, L. (Supervisors) 
2007Malaria in South Africa
2006Malic Acid in Wine: Origin, Function and Metabolism during VinificationVolschenk, Heinrich ; Van Vuuren, Hennie JJ ; Viljoen-Bloom, M