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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Fabrication of a Co-Cr Precision Attachment in association with a Zigomatic ImplantDe Jongh, Ruan Smuts 
2006The fabrication of a cobalt-chrome obturator for an assault victimHerfurth, Ilze
2002The fabrication of a hollow bulb obturatorLaubscher, Andre
2003Fabrication of a Hollow Bulb Obturator for a Hemi-Maxillectomy DefectKemp, Sanchia
2007The Fabrication of a Maxillary and a Mandibular Prosthesis to Restore the Natural Dentition of a PatientBurger, Elwin
2003The fabrication of a maxillary prosthesis and a mandibular implant-retained prosthesisLe Roux, Chantel
2008Fabrication of a precision retained cobalt-chrome maxillary partial denture in articulation with a personalised complete mandibular dentureMpo, Relebohile
2003The fabrication of a Prosthetic Mandible following a Fibromyxoma-Related MandibulectomyBothma, Jan Truter
2002The fabrication of an auricular prosthesisHassim, RMF
2004Fabrication of an Implant Retained Full Lower Denturevan Rooyen, Jaycee
2003The fabrication of an implant-retained mandibular overdentureBehm, Mian
2003Fabrication of an implant-retained maxillary restorationDe Klerk, H
2004Fabrication of an implant-retained partial dentureDu Preez, Michael 
2004Fabrication of an Implant-Supported Prosthetic EarMarnewick, T
2003The fabrication of an obturator for a hemi-maxillectomy patient with mixed dentionVan Reenen, Sheenah
2003The Fabrication of an Obturator for a patient with Adeno Cystic CarcinomaLaubscher, Henry
2003The fabrication of Co-Cr RPD for a hemi-maxillectomy defectFakie, Irshaad
2008The Fabrication of Maxillary and Mandibular Dental Prostheses for a Patient with Rapidly Progressive PeriodontitisChen, Yuzhou
2003The fabrication of two Maxillary Anterior Implant-Retained CrownsRelling, Hugo
2004The Fabrication of Two Metal Partial Dentures accompanied with Three Porcelain CrownsVivier, Gerrit