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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Modification of furilic acid by laccase from Trametes pubescensAdelakun, Oluyemisi Elizabeth ; Kudanga, T ; Parker, A ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Burton, Stephanie Gail 
30-Nov-2012Modification of non-wheat flours using transglutaminase and cyclodextrinaseNitcheu Ngemakwe, PH ; Jideani, Victoria A 
-Modular Aquaponics
2011Modulating effects of rooibos and honeybush herbal teas on the development of esophageal papillomas in ratsSissing, Linda ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; De Kock, Maryna ; Swanevelder, Sonja ; Joubert, Elizabeth ; Gelderblom, W.C.A. 
2014Modulation of antioxidant status in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male wistar rats following intake of red palm oil and/or rooibosAyeleso, Ademola Olabode ; Brooks, Nicole L ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2012Modulation of brain antioxidant enzymes by methotrexate administration in animal model.Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Coleshowers, C.L. 
2010Modulation of erythrocyte antioxidant enzyme levels by red palm oil supplementation in male Wistar rats.Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Katengua, E.T. ; Esterhuyse, Adriaan J ; Truter, Ernest J 
2003Modulation of Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Oxidative Status by Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) and Honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia), Green and Black (Camellia sinensis) Teas in RatsMarnewick, Jeanine L ; Joubert, Elizabeth ; Swart, P ; Van der Westhuizen, F ; Gelderblom, W.C.A. 
2018Modulation of key lipid raft constituents in primary rat hepatocytes by fumonisin B1 - Implications for cancer promotion in the liverBurger, HM ; Abel, Stefan ; Gelderblom, Wentzel 
2013Modulation of LPS-induced CD4+ T-cell activation and apoptosis by antioxidants in untreatedasymptomatic HIV infected participants: An in vitro studyMburu, S ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Abayomi, A ; Ipp, H 
2018Modulation of pre-neoplastic biomarkers induced by sequential aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 exposure in F344 rats treated with UPSN clay.Xue, KS ; Qian, G ; Lin, S ; Su, J ; Tang, L ; Gelderblom, Wentzel ; Riley, RT ; Phillips, TD ; Wang, JS 
2013Modulatory effects of rooibos and red palm oil on antioxidant status in streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemic male Wistar ratsOguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Ayeleso, Ayokunle Oluwaseun ; Brooks, Nicole L 
2012Molecular analysis of Ceruloplasmin in a South African cohort presenting with oesophageal cancerStrickland, Natalie J. ; Matsha, Tandi Edith ; Erasmus, Rajiv Timothy ; Zaahl, Monique G. 
2009Molecular genetic analysis of ceruloplasmin in oesophageal cancerStrickland, Natalie J. ; Matsha, Tandi Edith ; Zaahl, Monique G. 
2012Molecular immunogenetics of apoptosis: experimental dilemas.Reddy, L ; Singh, R 
2016Monday mirthiness the alchemy of climate changeLloyd, Philip JD 
2006Monitoring and evaluation in Africa with reference to Ghana and South AfricaDassah, Maurice Oscar ; Uken, E. A 
2012Monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projectsIle, I.U. ; Eresia-Eke, Chuks ; Allen-Ile, O.K. 
2018Monitoring Student (Dis)engagement: Retention Officers’ Experiences at the Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyMkonto, N 
2013Monocyte derived dendritic cells have reduced expression of co-stimulatory molecules but are able to stimulate autologous T-cells in patients with MDSDavison, Glenda Mary ; Novitzky, Nicolas ; Abdulla, Rygana