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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Draft Genome Sequence of Gordonia lacunae BS2TDurrell, Kim ; Prins, Alaric ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize 
2015Drama and learning science: an empty space?Braund, Martin 
27-Jun-2018Drama as physical role-play: actions and outcomes for life science lessons in South Africa.Braund, Martin ; Ahmed, Zaiboenisha 
2014Drawing as “learning to see”: A strategy to locate the “white/open space” that encourages intuitive thinking in designersLecanides-Arnott, Mari 
2011Drawing the line: when students design learning and supervisors eat cookiesChisin, Alettia. V ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2017Dreaming up a new grid: two lecturers’ reflections on challenging traditional notions of identity and privilege in a South African classroomNgoasheng, Asanda ; Gachago, Daniela 
2013Drivers for renewable energy in developing countriesUken, E 
2013Drivers for renewable energy – environment or economy?Uken, E 
2017Drivers for the formation of informal financial associations by immigrant entrepreneurs in South Africa: the case of CamerooniansNkem, Linus ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2016Drivers of the perceived differences between Somali and native entrepreneurs in South African townshipsHikam, Abdifatah ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2013Driving an ultrasonic transducer with a multicell inverterPentz, RA ; Wheeler, Jacques ; de Jager, Gerhard ; Wilkinson, Richardt H 
-Driving licence control unit
2021Dropping plates to pick up aliens: towards a standardised approach for monitoring alien fouling speciesLoureiro, Tainã G. ; Peters, K. ; Robinson, T.B. 
2013Duplex ultrasound: A diagnostic tool for carotid stenosis management in type 2 diabetes mellitusKisten, Yogan ; Govender, Pravesen ; Naidoo, Nadraj G ; Gihwala, D ; Isaacs, Ferial 
2012The Dutch resolution method: attempted enhanced selectivity of 2-Butylamine with mixed diol hostsBáthori, Nikoletta B ; Nassimbeni, Luigi R. 
2021Dynamic control of integrated Wind farm battery energy storage systems for grid connectionGwabavu, Mandisi ; Atanda Raji 
2009Dynamic similarity for non-Newtonian fluids in globe valvesFester, Veruscha G ; Slatter, Paul 
2013Dynamic simulation of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell: Stack performanceRabiu, Ademola M ; Nomnqa, MV ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO 
2018Dynamic time history analysis of stone archKumar, A ; Pallav, K 
2013The dynamics of offering ICT training to pre‐service and in‐service teachers in a South African contextDumas, Chris ; Cox, Sanet ; Bytheway, Andy. J ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Bladergroen, Moira ; Chigona, Wallace