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2017Baseline monitoring of Mercury levels in environmental matrices in the Limpopo ProvinceWalters, Chavon ; Couto, Maria ; McClurg, Nick ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Somerset, Vernon 
2017Graphene oxide–antimony nanocomposite sensor for analysis of platinum group metals in roadside soil samplesSilwana, Bongiwe ; Van der Horst, Charlton ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel ; Somerset, Vernon 
2018Nanostructured TiO2 Carbon Paste Based Sensor for Determination of MethyldopaGarcia, Luane Ferreira ; Peixoto da Cunha, Carlos Eduardo ; Moreno, Emily Kussmaul Gonçalves ; Thomaz, Douglas Vieira ; Lobón, Germán Sanz ; Luque, Rafael ; Somerset, Vernon ; De Souza Gil, Eric 
2017Optimisation of parameters for spectroscopic analysis of rare earth elements in sediment samplesMakombe, Martin ; Somerset, Vernon ; Van der Horst, Charlton ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel 
2017Phytostabilization of metals by indigenous riparian vegetationSchachtschneider, Klaudia ; Chamier, Jessica ; Somerset, Vernon 
2018Spectroscopic and Voltammetric Analysis of Platinum Group Metals in Road Dust and Roadside SoilVan der Horst, Charlton ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel ; Somerset, Vernon 
2018The Use of a Polyphenoloxidase Biosensor Obtained from the Fruit of Jurubeba (Solanum paniculatum L.) in the Determination of Paracetamol and Other Phenolic DrugsAntunes, Rafael Souza ; Garcia, Luane Ferreira ; Somerset, Vernon ; De Souza Gil, Eric ; Lopes, Flavio Marques 
2018Voltammetric and Spectroscopic Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Fresh and Surface Water SamplesMakombe, Martin ; Van der Horst, Charlton ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel ; Somerset, Vernon 
2021A zero-waste multi-criteria decision-support model for the iron and steel industry in developing countries: a case studySchoeman, Yolandi ; Oberholster, Paul ; Somerset, Vernon