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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The new hydro-mechanical solar tracker: Performance testing with a PV panelKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson 
2016Re-mapping sub-Sahara Africa for equipment selection to photo electrify energy poor homesKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2016A six chamber medium to high refrigeration system for laboratory purposesBelaid, BA ; Kanyarusoke, Kant E 
2018Solar water purifiers for small rural African homesteads: evaluation of alternative designsKanyarusoke, Kant E 
2017Solarising tropical Africa‚Äôs rural homes to sustainably overcome energy povertyKanyarusoke, Kant E 
2016Validation of TRNSYS modelling for a fixed slope photovoltaic panelKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John