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2016Assessing emissions levels and costs associated with climate and air pollution policies in South AfricaHenneman, Lucas RF ; Rafaj, Peter ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Klausbruckner, Carmen 
2015Comparative evaluation of emissions from selected paraffin lamps and a paraffin thermoelectric generatorKimemia, David ; Makonese, Tafadzwa ; Annegarn, Harold John 
2015A comparison of emissions and thermal efficiency of three improved liquid fuel stovesMasekameni, Masilu D. ; Makonese, Tafadzwa ; Annegarn, Harold John 
2016Domestic LPG interventions in South Africa: Challenges and lessonsKimemia, David ; Annegarn, Harold John 
2015Housing and population sprawl near tailings storage facilities in the Witwatersrand: 1952 to currentKneen, Melanie A ; Ojelede, Matthew E. ; Annegarn, Harold John 
2015Influence of fire-ignition methods and stove ventilation rates on gaseous and particle emissions from residential coal braziersMakonese, Tafadzwa ; Masekameni, Masilu D. ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Forbes, Patricia B.C. 
2015Influence of fuel-bed temperatures on CO and condensed matter emissions from packed-bed residential coal combustionMakonese, Tafadzwa ; Masekameni, Masilu D. ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Forbes, Patricia B.C. 
2016Interpretation of satellite retrievals of PM2.5 over the southern African InteriorKneen, Melanie A ; Lary, David J ; Harrison, William A ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Brikowski, Tom H 
2016Nigerian households' cooking energy use, determinants of choice, and some implications for human health and environmental sustainabilityIfegbesan, Ayodeji P ; Rampedi, Isaac T ; Annegarn, Harold John 
2016A policy review of synergies and trade-offs in South African climate change mitigation and air pollution control strategiesKlausbruckner, Carmen ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Henneman, Lucas RF ; Rafaj, Peter 
2015A reduction in mining and industrial effluents in the Blesbokspruit Ramsar wetland, South Africa: has the quality of the surface water in the wetland improved?Ambani, Annie-Estelle ; Annegarn, Harold John 
2016Submicrometer aerosols and excess CO as tracers for biomass burning air mass transport over southern AfricaMafusire, Getrude ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Vakkari, Ville ; Beukes, Johan Paul ; Josipovic, Miroslav ; van Zyl, Pieter Gideon ; Laakso, Lauri 
2015Towards a standard for clean solid-fuelled cookstovesLloyd, Philip JD ; Annegarn, Harold John ; Pemberton-Pigott, C 
2014Using energy profiles to identify university energy reduction opportunitiesMaistry, Nandarani ; Annegarn, Harold John