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2017Emerging student-centred perspectives on work placement as a component of mechanical engineering technology educationNgonda, Tiyamike ; Shaw, Corrinne ; Kloot, Bruce 
2009Learning as acquiring a discursive identity through participation in a community: improving student learning in engineering educationAllie, Saalih ; Armien, Mogamat Noor ; Burgoyne, Nicolette ; Case, Jennifer. M ; Collier-Reed, Brandon. I ; Craig, Tracy. S ; Deacon, Andrew ; Fraser, Duncan. M ; Geyer, Zulpha ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Jawitz, Jeff ; Kloot, Bruce ; Kotta, Linda ; Langdon, Genevieve ; le Roux, Kate ; Marshall, Delia ; Mogashana, Disaapele ; Shaw, Corrinne ; Sheridan, Gillian ; Wolmarans, Nicolette 
2022Mechanical engineering students’ contribution to their work placement learning trajectoriesNgonda, Tiyamike ; Shaw, Corrinne ; Kloot, Bruce 
2017Mechanical engineering students’ perceptions of workplace mentoring: A case study at a South African University of TechnologyNgonda, Tiyamike ; Shaw, Corrinne ; Kloot, Bruce 
2022The pitfalls of work placement learning: perceptions of mechanical engineering students from a South African universityNgonda, Tiyamike ; Shaw, Corrinne ; Kloot, Bruce