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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Utilization of nSiO2 , fly ash and nSiO2 / fly ash composite for the remediation of triphenyltin (TPT) from contaminated seawaterAyanda, Olushola Sunday ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Adekola, Folahan A ; Ximba, Bhekumusa J 
2018Validation and determination of nine PFCS in surface water and sediment samples using UPLC-QTOF-MSFagbayigbo, Bamidele Oladapo ; Opeolu, Beatrice O ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Olatunji, Olatunde Stephen 
2017Veterinary pharmaceuticals in aqueous systems and associated effects: an updateOpeolu, Beatrice O ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Olatunji, Olatunde Stephen 
2017Vitis vinifera leaf litter for biosorptive removal of nitrophenolsAfolabi, Wasiu Olalekan ; Opeolu, Beatrice O ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Ximba, Bhekumusa J ; Olatunji, Olatunde Stephen 
2018Zeolite ‘adsorption’ capacities in aqueous acidic media; the role of acid choice and quantification method on ciprofloxacin removalZide, Dorcas ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Oputu, Ogheneochuko ; Opeolu, Beatrice O ; Nelana, Simphiwe ; Olatunji, Olatunde Stephen 
2011Zinc abatement from simulated and industrial wastewaters using sugarcane biomassOpeolu, Beatrice O ; Bamgbose, O ; Fatoki, Olalekan S