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2010The Africanisation of South African retailing: A reviewDakora, Edward A.N ; Bytheway, Andrew J ; Slabbert, AD 
2014Determining the relationship between infrastructure and learner success: A comparative study of two primary schools in ZimbabweChakacha, Rumbi Ethel ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Dakora, Edward A.N 
2014Entry mode issues in the internationalisation of South African retailingDakora, Edward A.N ; Bytheway, Andy J. 
2014An evaluation of the tourism value-chain as an alternative to socio-economic development in Rwanda, AfricaSpencer, John Peter ; Safari, E ; Dakora, Edward A.N 
2013The internationalisation of retailing: What makes the African situation different?Dakora, Edward A.N ; Bytheway, Andrew J 
3-Dec-2010Strategic approaches to the Africanisation of South African retail businessesDakora, Edward A.N ; Bytheway, Andrew J ; Slabbert, AD 
2014Strategic Options for the Expansion of South African RetailBusinesseswithin Africa:Consequences on Operational ManagemenDakora, Edward A.N ; Bytheway, Andrew J ; Slabbert, AD 
2013Thinking designerly or thinking strategically in business: An exploration of process differencesDakora, Edward A.N