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2022Characterization and toxicity of hypoxoside capped silver nanoparticlesBadeggi, Umar Muhammad ; Omoruyi, Sylvester I. ; Ismail, Enas ; Africa, Charlene W.J. ; Botha, Subelia S. ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
2020Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles capped with procyanidins from leucosidea sericea as potential antidiabetic and antioxidant agentsBadeggi, Umar Muhammad ; Ismail, Enas ; Adeloye, Adewale O. ; Botha, Subelia S. ; Badmus, Jelili A. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Cupido Christopher N ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
2022Opuntia spp. in Biogas productionHussein, Ahmed A. ; Ateeq, Rahman ; Ismail, Enas ; Cheikhyoussef, Natascha ; Cheikhyoussef, Ahmad 
2021Opuntia spp. in Dye-sensitized solar cellsIsmail, Enas ; Cheikhyoussef, Natascha ; Cheikhyoussef, Ahmad ; Ramadan, Mohamed Fawzy ; Botha, Subelia S. ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
2021The potential of chalcone-capped gold nanoparticles for the management of diabetes mellitusOmolaja, Akinfenwa A. ; Pearce, Brendon ; Omoruyia, Sylvester I. ; Badmus, Jelili Abiodun ; Ismail, Enas ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Botha, Subelia S. ; Benjeddou, Mongi ; Ekpob, Okobi E. ; Hussein, Ahmed A.