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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Achieving quality education by understanding teacher job satisfaction determinantsIwu, Chux Gervase ; Ezeuduji, Ikechukwu O ; Iwu, Ita Chimezie ; Ikebuaku, Kenechukwu ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2013Advancing the case for the support and promotion of African immigrant-owned businesses in South AfricaTengeh, Robertson K. 
2016Analysis of start-up challenges of African immigrant-owned businesses in selected craft markets in Cape TownAsoba, Samson Nambei ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2018An assessment of youth's perception of the service quality of large food retailers in South AfricaAdam, Shaheen ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Cupido, Chris 
2021Blockchain technology as a panacea for procurement corruption in digital eraOyebanjo, Ogunlela G. ; Olabode, H. Ojugbele ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2013A business survival framework for African immigrant-owned businesses in the Cape Town Metropolitan area of South AfricaTengeh, Robertson K. 
2017Challenges to intra-family succession in South African townshipsPhikiso, Ziyanda ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2016Challenges to the growth of African immigrant-owned businesses in selected craft markets in Cape Town, South AfricaAsoba, Samson Nambei ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2021A conceptual framework for the adoption of m-commerce by brick-andmortar retailers.Justino, Mateus ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Twum-Darko, Michael 
2014Daring to survive or to grow? The growth aspirations and challenges of survivalist entrepreneurs in South AfricaChoto, Prominent ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
2015Determinants of small enterprise failure in Angola: a managerial and financial perspectiveJustino, Mateus Vicente ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2015Determinants of sustainability and organisational effectiveness in non-profit organisationsIwu, Chux Gervase ; Kapondoro, Lloyd ; Twum-Darko, Michael ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2020Disruption at its peak: pockmark of COVID-19 on immigrant retail business in South AfricaOgunlela, Gabriel O. ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2012Do immigrant-owned business grow financially? An empirical study of African immigrant-owned businesses in Cape Town metropolitan area of South Africa.Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Ballard, Harry Herbert ; Slabbert, AD 
2017The downside of being a female entrepreneur in Kigali, RwandaNsengimana,Simon ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2017Drivers for the formation of informal financial associations by immigrant entrepreneurs in South Africa: the case of CamerooniansNkem, Linus ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2016Drivers of the perceived differences between Somali and native entrepreneurs in South African townshipsHikam, Abdifatah ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
2015The embeddedness of entrepreneurship education in the curricula of non-business university programmes: preliminary evidence from South African Universities of TechnologyTengeh, Robertson K. ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Nchu, Rylyne Mande 
2016Entrepreneurial resilience: the case of Somali grocery shop owners in a South African townshipTengeh, Robertson K. 
2013Evaluation of entrepreneurship education in secondary schoolsNchu, Felix ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Hassan, Salochana Lorraine