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2006ACE2 orthologues in non-mammalian vertebrates (Danio, Gallus, Fugu, Tetraodon and Xenopus)Chou, Chih-Fong ; Loh, Chay Boon ; Foo, Yik Khoon ; Shen, Shuo ; Fielding, Burtram C. ; Tan, Timothy H. P ; Khan, Sehaam ; Wang, Yue ; Lim, Seng Gee. ; Hong, Wanjin ; Tan, Yee-Joo ; Fu, Jianlin 
2009Bioremediation of metal contamination in the Plankenburg River, Western Cape, South AfricaJackson, Vanessa Angela ; Paulse, A.N. ; Bester, Andre ; Neethling, J. H ; Khan, Sehaam ; Khan, W. 
2015Co-detection of virulent Escherichia coli genes in surface water sourcesNdlovu, Thando ; Le Roux, Marcellous. ; Khan, W. ; Khan, Sehaam 
2017Comparison of a South African and Canadian isolate of the nucleopolyhedrosis virus infecting the insect trichoplusia niTobin, M ; Abrahams-Fredericks, R ; Khan, Wesaal ; Khan, Sehaam 
2011Correlative analysis of CINtec P16 and detection of HPV DNA by PCR in cervical abnormalitiesIzaaks, CD ; Truter, Ernest J ; Khan, Sehaam 
2016Detection of Thaumatotibia (Cryptophlebia) leucotreta Granulovirus DNA in Water Samples in an Insect Rearing FacilityTobin, M ; Saayman, Michael ; Boersma, N ; Khan, Sehaam 
2015Efficiency of Microfiltration Systems for the Removal of Bacterial and Viral Contaminants from Surface and RainwaterDobrowskya, P.H ; Lombard, M ; Cloete, W. J ; Saayman, M ; Cloete, T. E ; Carstens, M ; Khan, Sehaam. ; Khan, Wesaal 
2014Expression of novel cytosolic malate dehydrogenases (cMDH) in Lupinus angustifolius nodules during phosphorus starvationLe Roux, Marcellous ; Phiri, Ethel ; Khan, Wesaal ; Sakiroglu, Muhammet ; Valentine, AJ ; Khan, Sehaam 
2013Higher education in a shifting landscape: Emergence, fragmentation and convergenceGachago, Daniela ; Livingston, Candice ; Ivala, Eunice ; Khan, Sehaam ; Le Roux, S ; Hunlun, Cindy 
2012Identification of metal-tolerant organisms isolated from the Plankenburg River, Western Cape, South AfricaJackson, Vanessa Angela ; Paulse, A.N. ; Odendaal, James P ; Khan, Sehaam ; Khan, W. 
2011Investigation into the microbial contamination in a spring water distribution system, Western Cape, South AfricaBehardien, Latiefa ; Paulse, Arnelia ; Jackson,Vanessa ; Khan, Sehaam ; Khan, Wesaal 
2012Isolation and identification of bacterial pollutants from the Berg and Plankenburg Rivers in the Western Cape, South AfricaPaulse, A.N. ; Jackson, Vanessa Angela ; Khan, Sehaam ; Khan, W. 
2014Prevalence of Virulence Genes Associated with Pathogenic Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Domestically Harvested Rainwater during Low- and High-Rainfall PeriodsDobrowskya, P.H ; van Deventer, A ; De Kwaadsteniet, M ; Ndlovu, T ; Khan, Sehaam ; Cloete, Eugene T ; Khan, Wesaal