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2019Determination of methyldopa and paracetamol in pharmaceutical samples by a low cost Genipa americana L. polyphenol oxidase based biosensorAntunes, Rafael Souza ; Thomaz, Douglas Vieira ; Garcia, Luane Ferreira ; De Souza Gil, Eric ; Somerset, Vernon Sydwill ; Lopes, Flavio Marques 
2019Electrochemical characterization of central action Tricyclic drugs by Voltammetric techniques and density functional theory calculationsRodrigues, Edson Silvio Batista ; Lopes de Macêdo, Isaac Yves ; Da Silva Lima, Larissa Lesley ; Thomaz, Douglas Vieira ; Da Cunha, Carlos Eduardo Peixoto ; De Oliveira, Mayk Teles ; Ballaminut, Nara ; Alecrim, Morgana Fernandes ; De Carvalho, Murilo Ferreira ; Isecke, Bruna Guimarães ; De Siqueira Leite, Karla Carneiro ; Machado, Fabio Bahls ; Guimarães, Freddy Fernandes ; Menegatti, Ricardo ; Somerset, Vernon Sydwill ; De Souza Gil, Eric 
2020Electrocoagulation of the indigo carmine dye using electrodes produced from the compression of metallurgical filing wastesOliveira, M.T. ; Garcia, Luane Ferreira ; Siqueira, A.C.R. ; Somerset, Vernon Sydwill ; Gil, E.S. 
2020Physicochemical properties of wastewater effluent from two selected wastewater treatment plants (Cape Town) for water quality improvementOlabode, G.S. ; Olorundare, O.F. ; Somerset, Vernon Sydwill 
2020Simultaneous detection of paracetamol, ascorbic acid, and caffeine using a bismuth–silver nanosensorVan der Horst, Charlton ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Gil, Eric ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel ; Somerset, Vernon Sydwill