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2011Comparative antioxidant-capacity and -content of leaves, bulbs, roots, flowers and fruit of Gethyllis multifolia L. Bolus and G. villosa Thunb. speciesDaniels, CW ; Rautenbach, F ; Mabusela, WT ; Valentine, AJ ; Marnewick, JL 
2015Environmental stress effect on the phytochemistry and antioxidant activity of a South African bulbous geophyte, Gethyllis multifolia L. BolusDaniels, C.W. ; Rautenbach, F. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Valentine, AJ ; Babajide, O.J. ; Mabusela, W.T. 
2014Expression of novel cytosolic malate dehydrogenases (cMDH) in Lupinus angustifolius nodules during phosphorus starvationLe Roux, Marcellous ; Phiri, Ethel ; Khan, Wesaal ; Sakiroglu, Muhammet ; Valentine, AJ ; Khan, Sehaam 
2013Photosynthetic adaptation of two semi-arid species of Gethyllis (Kukumakranka) to drought-and-shade stressDaniels, CW ; Mabusela, W.T. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Valentine, AJ 
2005Routes of pyruvate synthesis in phosphorus-defi lupin roots and nodulesLe Roux, M. R ; Ward, C. L ; Botha, F. C ; Valentine, AJ