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2015Are solar tracking technologies feasible for domestic applications in rural tropical Africa?Kanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2011The developed alternative model to describe the microstructural behaviour of Niti shape memory alloyMsomi, V ; Oliver, Graeme John ; Philander, O 
2009Effects of grain size on mechanical properties of nanostructured copper alloy by severe plastic deformation (SPD) processSanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2012Equal channel angular pressing technique for the formation of ultra-fine grained structuresSanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2012Experimental and numerical investigation into the behaviour of shape memory alloysPhilander, O ; Oliver, Graeme John ; Sun, BoHua 
2021Insight into cathode microstructure effect on the performance of molten carbonate fuel cellIbrahim, Samih Haj ; Wejrzanowski, Tomasz ; Sobczak, Pawel ; Cwieka, Karol ; Lysik, Aleksandra ; Skibinski, Jakub ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2013Modal frequency versus shearography in detecting and locating voids/delaminations in sandwhich compositesGryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John ; Findeis, DM 
2013Modelling annual yields of a solar-tracking solar syphon using ASHRAE’s weather data for tropical AfricaKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2016Re-mapping sub-Sahara Africa for equipment selection to photo electrify energy poor homesKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2016Smart morphing based on shape memory alloy plateMsomi, Velaphi ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2014Thermal, mechanical, and microstructure couplingsOliver, Graeme John ; Rhonda, J 
2016Validation of TRNSYS modelling for a fixed slope photovoltaic panelKanyarusoke, Kant E ; Gryzagoridis, Jasson ; Oliver, Graeme John