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2019Coda: Educational Technology, Pedagogy and CaringWaghid, Faiq ; Waghid, Zayd 
2018Cultivating a notion of cosmopolitan education of relevance to Africa: Reflecting on a MOOC on teaching for changeWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Faiq ; Waghid, Zayd 
2016Educational technology and pedagogic encounters: democratic education in potentialityWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Faiq ; Waghid, Zayd 
2016Examining digital technology for (higher) education through action research and critical discourse analysisWaghid, Zayd ; Waghid, Faiq 
2019The fourth industrial revolution reconsidered: on advancing cosmopolitan educationWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Zayd ; Waghid, Faiq 
2017Islamic education and educational technologyWaghid, Zayd ; Waghid, Faiq 
2022Pedagogical responsiveness and claims of democratic citizenship education in AfricaWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Zayd ; Waghid, Faiq 
2022Philosophy of education in a new key: cultivating a living philosophy of education to overcome coloniality and violence in African universitiesWaghid, Yusef ; Davids, Nuraan ; Mathebula, Thokozani ; Terblanche, Judith ; Higgs, Philip ; Shawa, Lester ; Manthalu, Chikumbutso Herbert ; Waghid, Zayd ; Ngwenya, Celiwe ; Divala, Joseph ; Waghid, Faiq ; Peters, Michael A. ; Tesar, Marek 
2018[Re]examining the role of technology in education through a deliberative decision-making approach: In the quest towards democratic education in South African schoolsWaghid, Zayd ; Waghid, Faiq 
2018Rupturing African philosophy on teaching and learning : ubuntu justice and educationWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Faiq ; Waghid, Zayd