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2009Investigation of the 68Zn(p,2p)67Cu nuclear reaction: new measurements up to 40 MeV and compilation up to 100 MeVSzelecsényi, F ; Steyn, GF ; Dolley, SG ; Kovács, Z ; Vermeulen, C ; Van der Walt, TN 
2010The isolation of 133Ba produced by proton-induced reactions on Cs using cation exchange chromatographyVan der Meulen, N. P ; Steyn, G. F ; Van der Walt, TN ; Szelecse´nyi, F ; Kova´cs, Z ; Raubenheimer, H. G 
2013The production of 82Sr using larger format RbCl targetsVan der Meulen, NP ; Van der Walt, TN ; Steyn, GF ; Raubenheimer, HG 
2009The production of 88Y in the proton bombardment of natSr: new excitation and separation studiesVan der Meulen, NP ; Van der Walt, TN ; Steyn, GF ; Szelecsényi, F ; Kovács, Z ; Perrang, CM ; Raubenheimer, HG 
2009Production possibility of 186Re via the 192Os(p,a3n)186Re nuclear reactionSzelecsényi, F ; Steyn, GF ; Kovács, Z ; Aardaneh, K ; Vermeulen, C ; Van der Walt, TN 
29-Nov-2013A study of organics in Koeberg power stationStwayi, MB ; Van Eeden, N ; Van der Walt, TN 
2013A unique matched quadruplet of terbium radioisotopes for PET and SPECT and for ɑ- and β- radionuclide therapy: An in vivo proof-ofconcept study with a new receptor-targeted folate derivativeMüller, C ; Zhernosekov, K ; Köster, U ; Johnston, K ; Dorrer, H ; Hohn, A ; Van der Walt, TN ; Türler, A ; Schibli, R 
2011The use of selective volatisation in the separation of 68Ge from irradiated Ga targetsVan der Meulen, NP ; Dolley, SG ; Steyn, GF ; Van der Walt, TN ; Raubenheimer, HG