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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014All stories bring hope because stories bring awareness’: students’ perceptions of digital storytelling for social justice educationGachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet M ; Ivala, Eunice ; Chigona, Agnes 
2013Assessing literacy and numeracy: An African perspectiveCondy, Janet 
2015Being human today: sharing stories to shape teachersCondy, Janet 
2015The construction and transformation of pre-service teacher’s individual social and professional identities during a digital storytelling moduleCondy, Janet 
2011Developing digital literacy skills through digital storytelling: The case of final-year pre-service student teachers at a university of technology in South AfricaGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN ; Chigona, Agnes ; Condy, Janet 
2012Developing the language of thinking within a classroom community of inquiry: pre-service teachers’ experiencesGreen, Lena ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
2014Digital storytelling and reflection in higher education: A case study of pre-service student teachers and their lecturers’ at a University of TechnologyIvala, Eunice ; Gachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
Jun-2012Digital storytelling and student engagement: a case of pre-service student teachers and their lecturers' at a university of technologyEunice, I ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet 
2015Digital storytelling as a tool for teaching: Perceptions of pre-service teachersTiba, Chantyclaire ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Tunjera, Nyarai 
2013Digital storytelling in a pre-service teachers’ classroom: A community of practiceChigona, Agnes ; Condy, Janet ; Ivala, Eunice ; Gachago, Daniela 
7-Nov-2019Digital storytelling: student vulnerability during the process and its impact on teaching and learning one year laterPhillips, Heather N. ; Condy, Janet ; Tiba, Chantyclaire 
2013Enhancing student engagement with their studies: A digital storytelling approachIvala, Eunice ; Gachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
2019Exploring being human today: equipping teachers for diversityCondy, Janet ; Green, Lena ; Gachago, Daniela 
2013Exploring tensions between sentimentality and witnessing through digital storytelling: A case of South African pre-service teacher educationGachago, Daniela ; Bozalek, Vivienne ; Ivala, Eunice ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
2016‘Family comes in all forms, blood or not’: disrupting dominant narratives around the patriarchal nuclear familyGachago, Daniela ; Clowes, Lindsay ; Condy, Janet 
2010Final-year teacher training students' perceptions of THRASSCondy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Chetty, Rajendra ; Thornhill, Christa 
2020How are we really teaching our students? A paradox in pedagogyPhillips, Heather N. ; Condy, Janet 
2011The identification of sensory processing difficulties of learners experiencing Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) in two mainstream Grade R classesDe Jager, Petronella ; Condy, Janet 
2014Improving elementary school literacy in Mauritius through Project ZEPEdwards, William L ; Condy, Janet ; Malik, Sakil 
2017The influence of executive function challenges on the behavioural adaptation of one learner with autism spectrum disorderCondy, Janet ; De Jager, Petronella