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2014A concise review of the applications of NiTi shape-memory alloys in composite materialsSanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Ayodele, Olukayode Lawrence ; Khan, MTE 
2009Effects of grain size on mechanical properties of nanostructured copper alloy by severe plastic deformation (SPD) processSanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2014The effects of microstructural evolution and mechanical behaviour of unalloyed medium carbon steel (EN8 Steel) after subsequent heat treatmentSanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Ayodele, Olukayode Lawrence ; Oliver, Graeme ; Moolejane, C.M. 
2012Equal channel angular pressing technique for the formation of ultra-fine grained structuresSanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel ; Oliver, Graeme John 
2016Maximizing the pontential of waste heat for generation of environmental friendly energyAyodele, Olukayode Lawrence ; Sanusi, Kazeem Oladele ; Kahn, MTE