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2010Analysis of human hair cross sections from two different population groups by Nuclear MicroscopyPineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Eisa, M. E. M 
2014Characterisation of thin solid Xe targetsKheswa, NY ; Papka, P ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Przybylowicz, W. J ; Steyn, G. F ; Madiba, T. E ; Sharpey-Shafer, J. F 
2008Characterization of human kidney stones using micro-PIXE and RBS: A comparative study between two different populationsPineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Eisa, M. E. M ; Rodgers, A. L 
2012Compositional analysis and depth profiling of thin film CrO2 by heavy ion ERDA and standard RBS: a comparisonKhamlich, S ; Msimanga, M ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Nuru, Z. Y ; McCrindle, R ; Maaza, M 
2011Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) study of defects introduced in antimony doped Ge by 2 MeV proton irradiationNyamhere, C ; Das, AGM ; Auret, FD ; Chawanda, A ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Venter, A 
2009Effect of annealing on scratch resistance and morphology of vanadiun-platinum multilayer systemTopic, M ; Favaro, C ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Lang, C.I 
2014Electronic stopping force of 12C, 28Si and 63Cu ions in HfO2 and SiO2 dielectric filmsMsimanga, M. ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Hlatshwayo, T ; Comrie, C. M ; Ammi, H ; Nkosi, M 
2011Elemental concentration distribution in human fingernails – A 3D studyPineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Mars, J. A ; Gihwala, D 
2009Enigmatic textures developed along plagioclase-augite grain boundaries at the base of the Main Zone, Northern Limb, Bushveld Complex – evidence for late stage melt infiltration into a nearly solidified crystal mushRoelofse, F ; Ashwal, L. D ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Przybylowicz, W. J 
2010Experimental stopping powers of Al, Mg, F and O ions in ZrO2 in the 0.1–0.6 MeV/u energy rangeMsimanga, M. ; Comrie, C. M ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Murray, S 
2011Heavy ion energy loss straggling data from Time of Flight stopping force measurementsMsimanga, M. ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Comrie, C. M ; Murray, S 
2011Non-linearity of prompt nuclear satellites relative intensities observed from high energy protons induced X-ray emissionPineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Msimanga, M. ; Bark, R. A ; Gihwala, D 
2013Semi empirical formula for electronic stopping power determination of 24Mg, 27Al and 28Si ions crossing Formvar foil in the ion energy domain of LSS theoryGuesmia, A ; Ammi, H ; Mammeri, S. ; Dib, A ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Msimanga, M. ; Hedibel, M 
2012Sputtering and surface topography modification of bismuth thin films under swift 84Kr15+ ion irradiationMammeri, S. ; Ouichaoui, S. ; Ammi, H ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Dib, A. ; Msimanga, M. 
2012Stopping power and energy loss straggling of thin Formvar foil for 0.3–2.7 MeV protons and alpha particlesMammeri, S. ; Ammi, H ; Dib, A. ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Ourabah, S. ; Msimanga, M. ; Chekirine, M ; Guesmia, A 
2011Stopping power measurements of heavy ions (3 < Z1 < 14) in Mylar foil by time-of-flight spectrometryAmmi, H ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Mammeri, S. ; Msimanga, M. ; Ourabah, S. ; Dib, A 
2013Studies on Pt–Mo phases using analytical techniques with high resolutionTopic, M ; Khumalo, Z ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. 
2011Target characterisation by PIXE, alpha spectrometry and X-ray absorption nuclear instruments and methods in physics research section A – accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipmentKheswa, NY ; Papka, P ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Newman, RT 
2009A Time of Flight–Energy spectrometer for stopping power measurements in Heavy Ion–ERD analysis at iThemba LABSMsimanga, M. ; Comrie, C. M ; Pineda-Vargas, C.A. ; Murray, S ; Bark, R ; Dollinger, G