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2016Adaptive under-voltage load shedding scheme for large interconnected smart grids based on wide area synchrophasor measurementsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Raynitchka, Tzoneva ; Apostolov, Alexander 
2014Distribution network fault detection and diagnosis using wavelet energy spectrum entropy and neural networksAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2016Distribution network fault section identification and fault location using wavelet entropy and neural networksAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Behardien, Shaheen 
2017Extended synchrophasor-based online voltage stability assessment using synchronous generator-derived indicesAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2013Fault detection and classification in a distribution network integrated with distributed generatorsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2014Impact of IEC 61850-9-2 Standard-Based Process Bus on the Operating Performance of Protection IEDS: Comparative StudyAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2014Modal participation factor-constrained optimal PMU placement in power system networksAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2013Performance investigation of the protection function of IEC 61850-9-2 process bus based intelligent electronic devices (IEDs)Adewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2017Protection of distribution systems integrated with distributed generationAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Apostolov, Alexander 
2014Real-time deployment of a novel synchrophasor based voltage stability assessment algorithmAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2016Real-time underload tap-changer control based on synchrophasor measurementsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Apostolov, Alexander 
2011A review of methodologies for fault detection and location in distribution power networksAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Raynitchka, Tzoneva 
2015Synchrophasor-Based online coherency identification in voltage stability assessmentAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2015Wide Area Voltage stability assessment based on generator derived indices using phasor measurement unitsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka