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2017African languages and language practice research in the 21st century: interdisciplinary themes and perspectivesRalarala, Monwabisi K ; Barris, Ken ; Ivala, Eunice ; Siyepu, Sibawu Witness 
2017The exclusion of South African sign language speakers in the criminal justice system: a case based approachZakeera, Docrat ; Russell, Kaschula H ; Ralarala, Monwabisi K 
2017Language development and multilingualism at the Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyRalarala, Monwabisi K ; Ivala, Eunice ; Barris, Ken ; Leach, N ; Manashe, Linda ; Somlata, Zakhile 
2014Making Sense of Mathematical Discourse: Implications for Success in the Learning of Differentiation in a University ClassroomSiyepu, Sibawu Witness ; Ralarala, Monwabisi K 
2013“Meaning rests in people not in words”: Linguistic and cultural challenges in a diverse South African legal systemRalarala, Monwabisi K 
2018Student voice: perspectives on language and critical pedagogy in South African Higher EducationMayaba, Nokhanyo Nomakhwezi ; Ralarala, Monwabisi K ; Angu, Pineteh 
2014Transpreters’ translations of complainants’ narratives as evidence: whose version goes to court?Ralarala, Monwabisi K