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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Acquiring pedagogic authority while learning to teachMcDonald, Zahraa ; Sayed, Yusuf ; De Kock, Tarryn 
2013Assessment in Sub-Saharan Africa: challenges and prospectsSayed, Yusuf ; Kanjee, Anil 
2013Assessment policy in post-apartheid South Africa: challenges for improving education quality and learningKanjee, Anil ; Sayed, Yusuf 
2002Changing forms of teacher education in South Africa: a case study of policy changeSayed, Yusuf 
2020Constraints influencing the efficacy of a PGCE mathematics program: a case studyVerster, Jacques ; Sayed, Yusuf 
2021COVID-19 and the ‘New Normal’ in education: exacerbating existing inequities in educationSayed, Yusuf ; Singh, Marcina ; Mort, Thelma 
2021Crises and disruptions: educational reflections, (re)imaginings, and (re)vitalizationSayed, Yusuf ; Cooper, Adam ; John, Vaughn M. 
2010Curriculum planning and reform in sub-Saharan AfricaKanjee, Anil ; Sayed, Yusuf ; Rodríguez-Gómez, Diana 
2017Decolonising initial teacher education in South African universities: More than an eventSayed, Yusuf ; Motala, Shireen ; Hoffman, Nimi 
2016Different rules for different teachers: teachers’ views of professionalism and accountability in a bifurcated education systemHoffman, Nimi ; Sayed, Yusuf ; Badroodien, Azeem 
2003Discourses of exclusion and inclusion in the south: limits and possibilitiesSayed, Yusuf ; Soudien, Crain ; Carrim, Nazir 
1999Discourses of the policy of educational decentralisation in South Africa since 1994: An examination of the South African Schools Act [1][2]Sayed, Yusuf 
2020Education and care: how teachers promote the inclusion of children and youth at risk in South AfricaBalie, Lorna ; Sayed, Yusuf 
2011Education quality in post‐apartheid South African policy: balancing equity, diversity, rights and participationSayed, Yusuf ; Ahmed, Rashid 
2015Education quality, and teaching and learning in the post-2015 education agendaSayed, Yusuf ; Ahmed, Rashid 
2015Education quality, and teaching and learning in the post-2015 education agendaSayed, Yusuf ; Ahmed, Rashid 
2003Educational inclusion and exclusion: key issues and debatesSayed, Yusuf 
2002Educational policy in South Africa: from opposition to governing and implementationSayed, Yusuf 
2021Enabling conditions for student teachers learning to teach on teaching practicumMort, Thelma ; Sayed, Yusuf 
2012Equity and ‘No Fee’ schools in South Africa: Challenges and prospectsSayed, Yusuf ; Motala, Shireen