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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The absence of keystone indigenous trees inhibits bird recovery up to a decade after invasive tree removal from riparian habitatsMangachena, Joy Rumbidzai ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2016Can short-billed nectar thieving sunbirds replace long-billed sunbird pollinators in transformed landscapes?Geerts, Sjirk 
2020Describing sexual dimorphism and fine scale spatial distributions in the Drab Thick-tail Scorpion, Parabuthus planicaudaVisser, Jacobus H. ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2022Distribution of Melaleuca rugulosa (Schlechtendal ex Link) Craven (Myrtaceae) in South Africa: assessment of invasiveness and feasibility of eradicationMatthys, Chelsey ; Jubase, Nolwethu ; Visser, Vernon ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2016The ecology and foraging behaviour of the harvester termite, Baucaliotermes hainesi in semi-arid grasslands in the northwestern interior of South AfricaGeerts, Sjirk ; van der Linden, J ; van der Linden, E 
2020Eucalyptus camaldulensis in South Africa – past, present, futureHirsch, Heidi ; Allsopp, Michael H. ; Canavan, Susan ; Cheek, Michael ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Geldenhuys, Coert J. ; Harding, Graham ; Hurley, Brett P. ; Jones, Wayne ; Keet, Jan-Hendrik ; Klein, Hildegard ; Ruwanza, Sheunesu ; Van Wilgen, Brian W. ; Wingfield, Michael J. ; Richardson, David M. 
2020Identifying safe cultivars of invasive plants: six questions for risk assessment, management, and communicationDatta, Arunava ; Kumschick, Sabrina ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Wilson, John R.U. 
2015The importance of pollinators and autonomous self-fertilisation in the early stages of plant invasions: Banksia and Hakea (Proteaceae) as case studiesMoodley, D ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Richardson, DM ; Wilson, John RU 
2017Invasive alien trees reduce bird species richness and abundance of mutualistic frugivores and nectarivores; a bird’s eye view on a conflict of interest species in riparian habitats.Mangachena, Joy Rumbidzai ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2016Lack of human-assisted dispersal means Pueraria montanavar. lobata (kudzu vine) could still be eradicated from South AfricaGeerts, Sjirk ; Mashele, Bongani V ; Visser, Vernon ; Wilson, John RU 
2022Mixed effect of habitat fragmentation on pollinator visitation rates but not on seed production in renosterveld of South AfricaHauber, Sina Juliana ; Maier, Simone Lucia ; Adedoja, Opeyemi ; Gaertner, Mirijam ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2020Modeling the distribution of the invasive alien Cycad Aulacaspis scale in Africa under current and future climate scenariosSatishchandra, Nitin Kanle ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2021Nectar gardens on school grounds reconnect plants, birds and peopleMnisi, Bongani E. ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Smith, Ceinwen ; Pauw, Anton 
2021Phylogeographic patterns in a Semi-lithophilous burrowing scorpion, opistophthalmus pallipes, from South AfricaVisser, Jacobus H. ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Van Vuuren, Bettine Jansen 
2014Pink flower preference in sunbirds does not translate into plant fitness differences in a polymorphic Erica speciesHeystek, Anina ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Barnard, Phoebe ; Pauw, Anton 
2020Pollination structures plant and nectar-feeding bird communities in Cape fynbos, South Africa: implications for the conservation of plant–bird mutualismsGeerts, Sjirk ; Coetzee, Anina ; Rebelo, Anthony G. ; Pauw, Anton 
2021Protea maturation rates and fire return intervals in a mediterranean ecosystem: testing the rules of thumb at a local scaleGeerts, Sjirk 
2022Relationship of alien species continues in a foreign land: The case of Phytophthora and Australian Banksia (Proteaceae) in South African FynbosQongqo, Axola ; Nchu, Felix ; Geerts, Sjirk 
2020Secondary invasion and weedy native species dominance after clearing invasive alien plants in South Africa: Status quo and prognosisNsikani, Mlungele M. ; Geerts, Sjirk ; Ruwanza, Sheunesu ; Richardson, David M. 
2021Sexual dimorphism and static allometry in the South African scorpion OpistophthalmusVisser, Jacobus H. ; Geerts, Sjirk