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2012Activity Theory as a lens to examine pre-service teachers’ perceptions of learning and teaching of Mathematics within an intervention programmePather, Subethra 
2015At-risk student teachers’ attitudes and aspirations as learners and teachers of mathematicsMoodley, Trevor ; Adendorff, Stanley A ; Pather, Subethra 
2016A conceptual framework for understanding pre-entry factors influencing first-year university experiencePather, Subethra ; Chetty, Rajendra 
2015Crisis in teacher education in South Africa: the need to interrogate first- year student profile characteristicsPather, Subethra 
2017First year students’ experience of access and engagement at a University of TechnologyPather, Subethra ; Norodien-Fataar, Najwa ; Cupido, Xena ; Mkonto, Nosisana 
2016First-year students’ essay writing practices: formative feedback and interim literaciesEsambe, Emmanuel ; Mosito, Cina ; Pather, Subethra 
2020Good practices across two education faculties’ tutor programs: a comparative case studyPather, Subethra ; Meda, Lawrence ; Norodien-Fataar, Najwa ; Dippenaar, Hanlie 
2015The habitus and social capital of first-year students: A case studyPather, Subethra ; Chetty, Rajendra 
2013Social and academic integration of first-year at-risk students in a mathematics intervention programmePather, Subethra 
2013Understanding first-year experience in the SA higher education context: A conceptual frameworkPather, Subethra 
2013Understanding first-year experience in the South African higher education context: A conceptual frameworkPather, Subethra