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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Application of the particle swarm optimization algorithm to a combined economic emission dispatch problem using a new penalty factorKrishnamurthy, Senthil ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2011Comparative analysis of min-max and max-max price penalty factor approaches for multi- criteria power system dispatch problem using Lagrange‚Äôs methodKrishnamurthy, Senthil ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2012Comparison of the Lagrange's and particle swarm optimisation solutions of an economic emission dispatch problem with transmission constraintsKrishnamurthy, Senthil ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2015Comparison of the operational speed of hard-wired and IEC 61850 standard-based implementations of a reverse blocking protection schemeMnguni, Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2005Computer based monitoring and control of Fedbatch fermentation process as an aim and a tool for postgraduate researchKriger, Carl ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Posten, C. ; Mironescu, M. 
2016Decomposition-coordinating method for parallel solution of a multi area combined economic emission dispatch problemKrishnamurthy, Senthil ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2013Design and PLC implementation of non-linear PID controllers for control of non-linear processesTshemese, N ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2018The design of a masters curriculum in smart grid technology within the Erasmus + K2 DAMOC projectStaak, Anthony ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2019Development and real-time implementation of an under voltage load shedding scheme using a real-time digital simulatorMnguni, Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2019Development of a nonlinear linearizing controller using Input-Output / Input-State linearization for implementation in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)Mfoumboulou, Y. D. ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2014Distribution network fault detection and diagnosis using wavelet energy spectrum entropy and neural networksAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2016Distribution network fault section identification and fault location using wavelet entropy and neural networksAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Behardien, Shaheen 
2013Economic dispatch solution using different algorithms and softwaresKrishnamurthy, Senthil ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2017Extended synchrophasor-based online voltage stability assessment using synchronous generator-derived indicesAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2013Fault detection and classification in a distribution network integrated with distributed generatorsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2015Grid-mode controller design for a dual-mode inverter interface for a distributed generation sourceMataifa, H. ; Raji, Atanda K. ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2014Impact of IEC 61850-9-2 Standard-Based Process Bus on the Operating Performance of Protection IEDS: Comparative StudyAdewole, Adeyemi Charles ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2012Impact of price penalty factors on the solution of the combined economic emission dispatch problem using cubic criterion functionsKrishnamurthy, Senthil ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka 
2005Integrating LabVIEW capabilities for monitoring and supervisory control with a B-Braun Biotech Gmbh unit for fermentation processing and direct controlMkondweni, N ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Harrison, Susan TL 
2015Investigation of the influence of network-induced time delays on the activated sludge process behavior in the networked wastewater distributed systemsOgidan, Olugbenga Kayode ; Kriger, Carl ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka