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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Academic content - a valuable resource to establish your presence on the WebWeideman, Melius 
2012Adopting disruptive technologies by managing projects in the cloudFrancke, Errol ; Weideman, Melius 
Dec-2005Application of best practice towards improving web site visibility to search engines: a pilot studyChambers, Rickard ; Weideman, Melius 
2012Application of link wheels to improve search engine ranking of commercial websitesZuze, Herbert ; Weideman, Melius 
2014Articles, papers, chapters, theses - Who wins the visibility wars?Weideman, Melius 
2010Between a rock and hard place – search engine optimisation or pay per click.Weideman, Melius ; Kritzinger, Wouter Thomas 
2012Cape Town hotel reservation system usabilityShasha, Ziphozakhe Theophilus ; Weideman, Melius 
2011Cloaking on Google’s SERP – search engine spamdexingZuze, Herbert ; Weideman, Melius 
2013Comparative analysis of homepage website visibility and academic ranking for UK universitiesWeideman, Melius 
2011A comparative analysis of search engine indexing timeZuze, Herbert ; Weideman, Melius 
2015Comparative case study on website traffic generated by search engine optimisation and a pay-per-click campaign, versus marketing expenditureKritzinger, WT ; Weideman, Melius 
2014A comparison between the Webmaster tool features of the big three search enginesWoerner, Maximilian ; Weideman, Melius 
2014A comparison of the effect of single-word versus hyphenated domain name choices on website visibilityBangani, Ayanda ; Weideman, Melius 
2006Crawler visibility and human usability of a government services website from a technomunity angle.Weideman, Melius 
2006Crawler visibility and human usability of a government services website from a technomunity angle. In Bytheway A & Strümpfer C (eds)Weideman, Melius 
2014The degree of visibility to search engines enjoyed by university digital librariesSkorna, Oliver ; Weideman, Melius 
2005Effect of body-text keyword prominence on website visibilityMbikiwa, Fernie Neo ; Kritzinger, Wouter Thomas ; Weideman, Melius 
2014The effect of search engine interface design on user perceptionBougaardt, Ryan ; Weideman, Melius 
2004The effect of search engine keyword choice and demographic features on internet searching successWeideman, Melius ; Uys, Cornelia Susanna 
2014The effect of social media trending on internet trafficKennedy, Thomas ; Weideman, Melius