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Title: Comments on information literacy interventions in nursing and engineering courses at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Authors: Frier, Mark 
Keywords: Information literacy;Evidence-based practice;Remedial tertiary education practices;University mergers - South Africa
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Students who arrive at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) do so wholly unprepared for to face the rigors of university education. We as information professionals see their struggles in our libraries on a daily basis. Information literacy education and instruction can only take place once students are at ease in front of a computer. Until this point, many have not used a computer, let alone know what the Internet is. The remarkable change in students’ approach to information searching and gathering can be witnessed in one semester after exposure to sate of the art IT, whether these students are in IT, Mechanical Engineering or Nursing, the results are the same, remarkable progress once immersed in the world of IT. Once they are made to be at ease with the world of technology, their information horizons broaden substantially, and once they know what IT and the internet can do for their knowledge base, then they ease into the academic discourse community they belong to. To witness this change, is surely the most satisfying part of the job of an information professional in South Africa. Sadly though, not all these cases are success stories and I will focus on both successes and failures in my presentation. Questions such as the following will be addressed: Do engineering and nursing students really need information literacy education? How prepared, in terms of information literacy education, are these students for university education? What remedial practices can be put in place so that the attrition rate can be reduced?
Description: Presented at: International Internet Librarian Conference 2009: London
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