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Title: Nurturing creative confidence and learner empathy: designing for academic staff development
Authors: Gachago, Daniela 
Van Zyl, Izak 
De Villiers, Morkel Jolanda 
Ivala, Eunice 
Keywords: Design thinking;blended learning;staff development;higher education;South Africa
Issue Date: 2020
Source: Gachago, D., Van Zyl, I., De Villiers, M.J., & Ivala, E. 2020. Nurturing creative confidence and learner empathy: designing for academic staff development, 12th International Conference on Networked Learning, 18-20 May, Online Conference. []
Conference: 12th International Conference on Networked Learning 
Abstract: As a contemporary and boundary spanning approach, design thinking is gaining traction in higher education, but it has not yet been established in academic staff development. The aim of this study is to reflect on a recent staff development intervention on blended learning course design, aimed at promoting a 'design thinking mindset' among university lecturers. By analysing empirical data gathered through participant interactions, we discuss the implications and potential of design thinking for academic staff development. Data analysis shows an increased awareness of the complex and diverse student body, a recognition for interdisciplinary collaboration, mentoring and reflective thinking. Additionally, it is highlighted that adopting design thinking is not without challenges, which include the need for continued practice, securing departmental buy-in and upscaling initiatives. The findings emphasise the importance of creating a 'safe' space to experiment, modelling a designing-on-the-go approach, focusing on the iterative processes of (re)design, providing scaffolding for learning, making design thinking processes explicit, building a community of practice, regular feedback and maintaining the balance between playfulness and reflection. Success of such an intervention will rely on balancing the development of design thinking skills, a design thinking mindset and creative confidence.
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