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Title: Biocommunication in plants: the effect of ‘Intent’ on the growth and yield of bean (Leguminaceae: Phaseolus vulgaris) grown in solution culture
Authors: Weedon, Odette 
Laubscher, Charles P 
Ndakidemi, Patrick Alois 
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Photographs of frozen crystalline structures taken by Emoto showed well structured and defined crystals formed in positively affirmed or clean water, and the deformed and indistinguishable crystals formed when the water was subjected to negative images and words or if the water was polluted. The significance or the effects that these well-defined or deformed crystals may have on plant growth and yield are not documented. This experiment connected a number of theories including biocommunication and primary perception between different biological life forms and the effect of ‘Intent’ on the structure of water and its effect on plant growth. Plants were grown in a controlled environment subject to different intentions and data on plant height, stem diameter, shoot and root weight and pod yield were recorded. The experiment found however, that a more controlled and isolated environment was necessary to fully understand the effects of ‘Intent’ on plant growth. The scope of this experiment is somewhat difficult to gauge due to science’s limited knowledge and explanation of consciousness, but this fact should further support and encourage investigations of this nature.
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