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Title: Growth parameters of Pelargonium cucullatum: the influence of different concentrations of NUTRIFIED aided by mycorrhiza application
Authors: Van der Burg, M.A. 
Laubscher, Charles P 
Lewu, Francis B 
Keywords: BIOCULT™;deep water culture system;Geraniaceae;horticulture;NUTRIFEED®;ornamental plants
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The beneficial effect of mycorrhiza on plant growth has often been related to nutrient uptake; yet little published information is available about mycorrhiza associations in horticulture in South Africa. This study investigated how much nutrients is needed in the growth and yield of Pelargonium cucullatum aided by mycorrhiza application in a hydroponic system. Fifty plants were grown in a deep-water hydroponic culture for 8 weeks. Plants were inoculated with BIOCULT™ Mycorrhizae at two weeks into the experiment with a repeat inoculation after one month. NUTRIFEED® was added at concentrations of 25g, 50g, 100g and 200g, while the control received only mycorrhiza treatment. The same treatments were replaced after hydroponic systems were flushed. Parameters assessed were fresh and dry shoots weights, fresh and dry roots weights, total fresh and dry weights, shoot height, root length and number of leaves. The results of the indicated that a concentration of 50 g of NUTRIFEED® can produce significant growth in P. cucullatum for most parameters measured. The implication of mycorrhiza in association with NUTRIFEED® in the amelioration of yield and growth parameters of P. cucullatum is discussed.
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