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Title: Dewey decimal classification: class 100 poster summaries, English to Xhosa
Authors: Dewey, Melvil, 1851- 1931 
Mitchell, Joan S. 
Beall, Julianne, 1946- 
Green, Rebecca, 1951- 
Martin, Giles 
Panzer, Michael 
Keywords: Xhosa -- South Africa with Xhosa language;Classification, Dewey decimal
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc
Project: DDC Translation 
Abstract: This is the translation of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) 100 classes to Xhosa. It was translated with the intention to provide DDC content to students in their home language and the language that speaks to their origins. This translation was prepared by CPUT Library staff members: Vuyokazi Kiva-Johnson, Yanga Livi, Vuyiseka Mtshakazi and Vuyokazi Cibi. This translation is accompanied by the audio recording. The accompanying audio recording from English to isiXhosa was prepared and recorded by Yanga Livi. A suitable MP/M4A player is needed to listen to this audio recording.
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100's_isiXhosa_DDC_poster_Vuyiseka Mtshakazi and Yanga Livi.pdf1.07 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
DDCrec_000-100_Xhosa.m4a000 - 1001.67 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_110-200_Xhosa.m4a110 - 2001.04 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_210-290_Xhosa.m4a210 - 2901.18 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_300-390_Xhosa.m4a300 - 3901.43 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_400-490_Xhosa.m4a400 - 4901.3 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_500-590_Xhosa.m4a500 - 5901.21 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_600-690_Xhosa.m4a600 - 6901.14 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_700-790_Xhosa.m4a700 - 7901.23 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec_800-890_Xhosa.m4a800 - 8901.52 MBUnknownView/Open
DDCrec900-990_Xhosa.m4a900 - 9901.19 MBUnknownView/Open
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