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Title: On The Solution of Capillary Rise Dynamics
Authors: Sun, Bohua 
Keywords: Capillary rise dynamics;Surface tension;Gravity;Viscosity;Singularity
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ResearchGate
Source: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 11 September 2017, 1-7
Abstract: Capillary rise is one of the most well-known and vivid illustrations of capillarity; however, there is no solution as yet except certain segmental solutions for asymptotic regimes. This paper used the singularity-free Bush equation and successfully obtained its Taylor’s series solution. The solution revealed that capillary rise dynamics is mainly controlled by the Bond number and the Galileo number, while the Bond number is a key parameter within the solution. Due to the poor rate of convergence of the series solution, an approximate analytic capillary rise h(t) was proposed, which has been verified numerically
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