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Title: Usability of online business registration improvisation as Congo-Brazzaville re-branding tool
Authors: Twum-Darko, Michael 
Momo, Alain Michael 
Keywords: Online Business Registration;Information Systems Improvisation;Bricolage;Nation branding;Department of Trade and Industry
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Wiley
Journal: The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries 
Abstract: There is growing concern that Congolese business’ inability to compete in a fiercely competitive international economy spells ruin. Thus, the study uses bricolage and information systems (IS) improvisation as a lens to explore the use of online business registration as a means to rebrand government services. Building and achieving brand status is challenging, however; public service organisations and country of any size with a name can become high status brands. The research problem is that if sufficient attention is not given to reconcile IS improvisation with other organisational dimensions such as expertise, team work, culture, communication and training in the business registration process, it is a foregone conclusion that the automatic assumption that improvisation alone creates brand image and identify might not yield desired results. The main objective of this study was to determine the role of online business registration in service branding. The overarching research question is (a) how does the DTI Congo-Brazzaville intend to improvise business registration process using e-commerce technology as branding tool? The study is significant in the way that it boosts DTI Congo’s brand image; with potentials to improve the country’s ranking in terms of ease of doing business; and extends previous research by examining the usability of online business registration system as branding tool in developing countries. The study focused less on merely identifying IS improvisation benefits; or in solving DTI Congo problems. However, the focal point was creating awareness for DTI Congo to weight current study outcomes, available resource and contemporary e-commerce technologies in order to make informed decision in terms of technology adoption. The investigation was done at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Congo-Brazzaville using a mixed methodology. A survey questionnaire on a sample size of N = 260 from a total of 800 DTI full-time employees was used to elicit information by requiring respondents to answer objective questions. A focus group comprising of five full-time employees selected according to their level of IT awareness and position were invited for discussions to gain a broader understanding of the research problem. Observation in the form field work was also done to experience what it is like when there is no other alternative to register a business but to follow the only lengthy and bureaucratic process of traditional business registration. It was evident from the data that 74.2% of respondents agreed that an online business registration system adoption can re-brand the organisation for innovative public service delivery.
ISSN: 1681-4835
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