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Title: Performance tests of a new non-invasive sensor unit and ultrasound electronics
Authors: Kotzé, Reinhardt
Ricci, Stefano
Birkhofer, Beat
Wiklund, Johan
Keywords: Ultrasonic transducer;Acoustic characterization;Doppler string phantom;Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP)
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Industrial applications involving pulsed ultrasound instrumentation require complete non-invasive setups due to high temperatures, pressures and possible abrasive fluids. Recently, new pulser-receiver electronics and a new sensor unit were developed by Flow-Viz. The complete sensor unit setup enables non-invasive Doppler measurements through high grade stainless steel. In this work a non-invasive sensor unit developed for one inch pipes (22.5 mm ID) and two inch pipes (48.4 mm ID) were evaluated. Performance tests were conducted using a Doppler string phantom setup and the Doppler velocity results were compared to the moving string target velocities. Eight different positions along the pipe internal diameter (22.5 mm) were investigated and at each position six speeds (0.1–0.6 m/s) were tested. Error differences ranged from 0.18 to 7.8% for the tested velocity range. The average accuracy of Doppler measurements for the 22.5 mm sensor unit decreased slightly from 1.3 to 2.3% across the ultrasound beam axis. Eleven positions were tested along the diameter of the 48.4 mm pipe (eight positions covered the pipe radius) and five speeds were tested (0.2–0.6 m/s). The average accuracy of Doppler measurements for the 48.4 mm sensor unit was between 2.4 and 5.9%, with the lowest accuracy at the point furthest away from the sensor unit. Error differences varied between 0.07 and 11.85% for the tested velocity range, where mostly overestimated velocities were recorded.
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